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Rumour: Andy Gray has broken the internet

28 Jan 11 - 12:00AM  | General
From wearemba

Today the Committee of Online Networks launched a press campaign to prevent the continued online discussion of Andy Gray’s sexist misbehaviour. The pressure on UK servers is being caused by the posting of 3 online videos and on-going ‘comedy’ photos being sent via social media and email. To date, it is estimated that an area of the Internet the size of Wales has been dedicated solely to this prolonged debate.

A source said “We’re taking our message to press to ensure that no more cyber space is taken up by this topic. Whilst we agree that sexism is wrong, we feel that the discussion could just as easily take place on radio, TV or in newspapers. Certain papers have barely mentioned it and we think more could be done.”

Although servers are so far holding up to the strain, it is feared that if the conversation continues into a second week that the size of the internet being wasted could grow to a size bigger than France. This would place a strain on all of Europe.

The spokesman continued “We may have to start rationing the internet and nobody really wants that. We ask that you DO NOT write this up as an email or blog post and please do not tweet”.

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